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Arts + Creative Industries = Impact

Members help safeguard the thriving arts and creative industries in Washtenaw County

Members of The Arts Alliance support its mission to champion the arts & creative industries in Washtenaw County, MI—arts and creative individuals, organizations and businesses—to ensure that the greater Ann Arbor region remains a great place to create, live, work, learn, play and visit.

The Arts Alliance is a leader, persuading community leaders and stakeholders of the importance of arts and creativity in Ann Arbor, Chelsea, Dexter, Manchester, Milan, Saline and Ypsilanti plus 21 townships in the County.

Six Reasons (of many) To Join The Arts Alliance

  1. We turn to members first for opinions, recommendations, insights, ideas and opportunities.
  2. We facilitate initiatives, projects and studies that you identify and benefit from: minigrants; Washtenaw County Master Culture Plan; Region 9 Mini grants; Creative Center Assessment; Nonprofit Economic Impact Study; and more.
  3. We advocate for public policy and public and private investment to help grow and sustain the arts and creative industries in our region.
  4. We communicate to promote members through our Annual Arts & Creative Industries Guide, social media, bi-weekly eNewsletters and website.
  5. We educate to advance life-long learning initiatives and the integration of arts and creative education into preK-12 curriculum for the future of the arts and creative industries as well as our communities.
  6. We celebrate the awards won, the programs applauded, the grants received and the acclaims given to our creative individuals and businesses as well as those who act as ambassadors, advisors, advocates and askers.

Arts & Creative Industry Members

Creative Individual
People who self-identify as artists/creatives or who work in the creative industries.

Creative Businesses
Arts, cultural and heritage organizations and institutions and creative businesses.

Ally Members

Individuals or businesses that invest in the work and efforts of The Arts Alliance to advocate for, support and promote the arts and creative industries in Washtenaw County.

Destination Ann Arbor

Buhr Foundation
Masco Corporation Foundation
Jay Mullick

Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation
David & Jill Esau
Cathy Gendron & John Johns
Jean P. Rowan

Brent Oeschger and Laura Rice-Oeschg
Oxford Companies
Deb Polich & Russ Collins
Judy Dow & Don Rumelhart
Bob & Marina Whitman

Mike Allemang & Janis Bobrin
Ann Arbor Downtown Development Authority
Martha Darling & Gil Omenn
John & Kathleen King
Jane and John Lumm
Courtney & Paul McCreadie
Janet Nacu
Kate & Phil Roos
Susan Wagner

Karen Al-Saadi
Ann Arbor SPARK
Deaver Armstrong
Joan Binkow
Shary Brown & Michael Moran
John Carver
Ward & Mary Gillett
Deborah Greer
Ruth Ann Jamnick
Ruth Lednicer & Steve Cole
Susan McClanahan
Jill McDonough & Greg Merriman
Scott Menzel
Melissa Milton-Pung & Barney Pung
Marvin G. Parnes
Cliff & Ingrid Sheldon
Greg & Dina Sheldon
Tom & Anne Venner
Joseph & Sandra Walls
Peggy Wilson

Britany Affolter-Caine
Elizabeth Andrews
Sarah Apple
Ryan & Allison Buck
Brian Filipiak
Amy Harris
Natalie & Mike Hensel
Walter Kraft
Christian Lastoskie
Amy Rosenberg
Ann Marie Sastry
Viren Shah
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